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Øksnevad Næringspark 4353 Klepp Stasjon Engelsvollvegen 264

Balint Vetier
+47 90 52 20 79

Engineer from Budapest.  Balint has several years experience as a  manager and engineer. 

Employed in 4CONSULT AS from sept. 2017.

Kjetil Rørheim.jpg
Kjetil Rørheim
+47 48 00 79 27

Kjetil is 63 years old, engineer. He has long experience from the construction industry. 21 years at Block Berge Bygg: project manager, operations manager, factory manager. 6 years with Lothe Bygg as CEO.

10 years as an entrepreneur: 4CON AS and 4CONSULT AS.

Miklos Öri
MSC. engineer
+47 41 34 57 24

Miklos from Hungary has studied at the technical universities of Budapest, Madrid and Milan and graduated as a master in structural engineering in Stockholm.

He worked two years as a designer before being employed in 4CONSULT AS from october 2018.

Zoltan Szabo
MSC. engineer

Zoli has a master’s degree in structural engineering and several years of experience with concrete and steel structure design. Proficient at using 3D modeling tools and doing FEM analysis.

Julia Vajnai
MSC. engineer

Julia has a master’s degree in civil engineering. She has extensive experience with 3D modeling and all kinds of BIM tools.

Dorottya Varga
MSC. engineer

Dorottya has a master’s degree in structural engineering. She has experience from the Hungarian precast industry and an interest in structural analysis and 3D modelling.

Renáta Nagy
Engineer Trainee

Renata is an MSC civil engineer. She mainly works with FEM structural analysis models.

Adam Aszalos
MSC. engineer

Adam holds a master's degree in Structural Engineering. He has great interest and experience in 3D design and structural analysis.

Collaboration with:  Gabor Schnierer
MSC. engineer

Gabor has a  master’s degree in structural engineering and more than 10 years of experience in designing prefabricated elements and other structures.

He is a sought after consultant of a wide range of engineering tasks.


​​Øksnevad Næringspark 4353 Klepp Stasjon Engelsvollvegen 264

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