4CONSULT is an engineering consulting company in the field of structural engineering focusing on the design of prefabricated concrete elements, cast-in-situ concrete- and steel structures. We carry out approx. 40 projects a year.

We work together with most of the  concrete element manufacturers in Rogaland and several others from different parts of Norway. 

We are flexible to provide large engineering  capacity through our long standing partnerships.

Our main goal is to deliver cost- and time efficient solutions. We are committed to continuously innovating our self-developed design tools so that we can effectively adapt to the varying needs of our customers and provide a high quality service.

We believe that the most valuable asset a company can acquire is knowledge. We take great care of expanding and sharing the knowledge and experience that have been accumulated over many years of service in the industry. Through continued development and in-house education we make sure that our employees always use advanced tools to deliver consistently high quality as current industry standards require. Understanding the specific needs of our customers and providing the exact service they expect is the key to our success in long-term co-operation.

BIM and 3D

A smooth and efficient design process starts with using the right tools. At 4Consult we have extensive experience working with many of the highest regarded software available on the market today.

We don’t only use the software, though. For them to better suit our needs we also heavily invest in customizing our tools for effiency by  developing software extensions and add-ins. Product delivery (3D models, 2D drawings, reports and lists, etc.) can, therefore, be further streamlined.

Structural analysis

All calculations are performed in accordance with the relevant standards, laws and industry recommendations. Depending on the project specifications, we use well-established hand calculation methods and/or finite element analysis.

Quality control

To avoid errors is the highest priority for us. In every project we apply a rigorous quality assurance system to eliminate the chance of failure as much as possible. Every analysis, model and drawing is controlled in multiple steps documented with checklists.



Kjetil Rørheim

Kjetil is 63 years old, engineer. He has long experience from the construction industry. 21 years at Block Berge Bygg: project manager, operations manager, factory manager. 6 years with Lothe Bygg as CEO.

10 years as an entrepreneur: 4CON AS and 4CONSULT AS.

Miklos Öri
MSC. engineer

Miklos from Hungary has studied at the technical universities of Budapest, Madrid and Milan and graduated as a master in structural engineering in Stockholm.

He worked two years as a designer before being employed in 4CONSULT AS from october 2018.

Balint Vetier

Engineer from Budapest.  Balint has several years experience as a designer and design manager. 

Employed in 4CONSULT AS from sept. 2017.

Gabor Schnierer
MSC. engineer

Gabor has a  master’s degree in structural engineering and more than 10 years of experience in designing prefabricated elements and other structures.

He is a sought after consultant of a wide range of engineering tasks.


4CONSULT Øksnevad Næringspark, 4353 Klepp Stasjon, Engelsvollvegen 264